hello Edge bats I am here to be edgy and take care of the internet. I was welcome to this edgy Layout Maker @ sadgirl.online by the graceful and giving masculine mosh pit of good ideas and punk thoughts. I am excited to use this website to show off art and music reviews. this site is pretty stellar and I would love to make it a second blog home I like punk punk it's pretty cool I'd have to say that my favorite artist rn is crosses with black dresses as a close second My Favorite Things Are Punk journaling aesthetic stickers sketching music and book binding. I get lazy with my interest sometimes but I'm definitely going to try not to be lazy on here      
jinkies! I'm struggling with what to put on here I guess I should start off by saying that I am non-binary Alice in Wonderland and I came here to show some spirit and not to drink it because I will get carried away. One nostalgic Alice in Wonderland memory I had was when I was at a punk club called Mohawk place where there was an advertisement for a beer I was Uber into that said drink me. I took a picture of it because I like Aesthetics. For a moment I was the life of the Mad Tea Party and now I am here sober and ready to be sober edgy.

Welcome all to the magic show! only for ages 21 and older!

what will be on here (this website is for humor not for advice)

A Life of Complete and utter Angst (i love my punk life)

I am reminiscent of my highschool punk days. These years fostered intellectual curiosity, individuality and critical thought. (all values of anarchism) For a short while i went to Catholic highschool; where i wore my angsty and academic pleated skirt, traversing the hallways on my way to a punk show in the cafeteria. (that really happened) I guess this website will serve as a reminiscent blog.